The Kamas Theater was built in the early 1940s to replace the Opera House that burnt down in 1942. The Opera House, built by John Carpenter, was one block north of where the theater is now. In addition to live performances the Kamas Opera House (while owned by the LDS church) introduced silent films into the valley.

"Betrayed" and "Alaska" are both movies from 1944

Douglas Simpson and Glen Gibbons built the Kamas Theater next to the Kamas Confectionery (Hi-Mountain Drug) and equipped it with the ability to show “talkies” (movies with sound).

Since television hadn’t come to town yet, the theater (or “Show House”) was the only place in the area where you could see a movie. It became a social center and hub of the valley. Many people have fond memories of coming to the theater while growing up in the area.

Movie Schedule from June 1960

Movie Schedule from June 1960

In 1999 the theater closed down for the first time. It reopened again in 2001 for two years and then briefly shut down in 2003 until Phil Clegg took over and made some needed improvements including replacing the now outdated seats. The theater has had several owners and operators over the years including Lavere A. “Larry” Holt who was the projectionist for about 37 years.

The current owners are Kevin & Sharee Harris who are working to keep the beloved Kamas Theater around for the coming generations and have recently brought this historic landmark into the digital age by upgrading the projector to a D-Cinema projector.

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